Comfortable Private Shopping Available

Shopping is an amazing experience, but not everyone wants to have to navigate the crowds and shop floors to find their exciting new look.

Whether you’re looking for privacy, comfort, or just some one-to-one advice to help you find your perfect outfit, private shopping is a great way of stripping out all the unnecessary noise and distraction and just focusing on the clothes.

Private shopping is also a key part of one of our core values: accessibility. We want to ensure that the latest and best fashions are available to everyone. Something that drives not only our emphasis on affordability but also the customer experience we provide.

For many people — especially those with disabilities who may require more time and assistance when trying on clothes — changing rooms can feel like a pressured environment.

With private shopping, you can try on what you want, at your own pace, with the attention and assistance of our employees.

For LGBTQ+ people, especially trans, non-binary, and gender divergent individuals, finding the look that suits their personal style, and something that affirms their sense of self is vitally important.

We can offer a private shopping experience that lets you shop in a judgement-free and inclusive space while getting advice on how to discover your own style and aesthetic.