Fashion is all about finding those unique pieces that make a statement, and make you stand out from the crowd.

Usually that statement comes with a hefty price tag, and long hours of searching online and in stores to find that one special outfit. But that doesn’t happen at The Garment District

We source from small businesses to trendy designers with prices ranging from $10 to $100

Where did “The Garment District” come from?

Names often tell a story about a business — and in our case, our name takes things all the way back to where they began, one of those lightbulb moments that starts you down a wonderful journey.

While visiting my sister in LA, she took me to the Garment District, and just being surrounded by all that wonderful and inventive fashion was enough to inspire me. I immediately looked into what it would take to recreate that atmosphere of style right here in Duncan.

Fashion is something of a family business for me, with my dad having worked as a commercial buyer for a wide range of businesses, and always at hand to take me and my 4 other sisters shopping.

It’s this passion, eye for style, and entrepreneurial spirit that drives what we do at The Garment District.

We’re all about affordability, accessibility, and attractiveness, working with small businesses and designers to search out unique pieces, all at prices everyone can afford.

The garment district in LA has remained the center of our fashion focus and I regularly make my way down to LA to hand select some must-have pieces for the shop!