Looking good — and feeling good — is all about finding your own style.
Woman with brown hair and a straw hat wearing a black dress infront of a picket fence


Woman with hands in the pockets of distressed jeans


Woman with chunky accessories and crop top with a white and black plaid shacket


Display case with earrings and other accessories


Assorted colors of bralettes hanging on a rack



Find Your Unique Design

pieces that don't just look good, but speak to you as a person!

We're always bringing in new items, with our stock refreshed on a weekly basis, so come visit in store or browse online to find something just right for you.

Build a Creative Wardrobe at The Garment District

We want everyone to find their own fashion and make it affordable and easy to access.

The Garment District offers a wide selection of brilliant and inventive fashion choices, with something for everyone.

We source from small businesses to trendy designers with prices ranging from $10 to $100

The world of fashion has never been more open, with trends spreading across the world in an instant through social media, and an increasingly wide range of designers and creators helping to bring those touches of glamour and creativity to your everyday wardrobe.